Meet the world's first self-sealing and self-changing trash can

TL;DR: Get the helpful Townew: The World's First Self-Sealing & Changing Trash Can (Value Pack) for $105, a 12% savings.?In a perfect world, the trash would take itself out and we'd never get our hands dirty. And while that doesn't exist (yet), we now have the next best thing:

Finished 'The Crown'? More dishy royal family stories (mostly about Princess Margaret)

Portrayed by Vanessa Kirby in The Crown's first two seasons, and now by Helena Bonham Carter in the show's just-premiered third season, the real-life Princess Margaret, who died in 2002, has an infamous legacy that includes numerous romances, shenanigans with the help of her ladies in waiting,

Harry Styles is all One Direction jokes in his 'SNL' monologue

Harry Styles isn't in a boy band anymore, you know. He's in a man band now.Styles hosted Saturday Night Live for the first time in the latest episode, and he used his inaugural opening monologue to talk up his One Direction roots and tease a reunion that never happens. At one point,

'SNL' sends Harry Styles out for Popeyes in Jordan Peele's 'White Get Out'

Saturday Night Live is officially on the Popeye's chicken sandwich craze.Rob, the new intern from the UK, has no idea what he's getting himself into when he volunteers to pick up Popeyes chicken sandwiches for everyone in the office on a lunch run. That's the setup, as SNL sees it,

Jeff Sessions grovels for Trump's approval on 'SNL' Weekend Update

The best part of any Saturday Night Live Weekend Update is when hosts Michael Che and Colin Jost put the spotlight on a special guest. The latest episode was no different, bringing out former Trump administration crony-turned-Senate candidate Jeff Sessions.

The real history behind 'The Crown' Season 3's biggest moments

The Crown is back and god save the queen. Season 3 of Netflix's dramatization of decades of royal drama is out, and — as is the custom with many period dramas — there's a lot in there that's true and a lot that is somewhat less than true.?

'SNL' turns impeachment into the soap opera it's always been (with Jon Hamm)

In the two weeks since Saturday Night Live last aired, there's been only one political circus on pretty much no one's mind, at least according to NBC News. So the latest episode of the sketch comedy spiced things up by giving impeachment the soap opera treatment.Jon Hamm pops up to help,

19 cool gadgets and tech devices you can already get at Black Friday prices

The days of counting down and waiting outside department store doors for that 24-hour period of Black Friday sales are long gone.?The annual shopping spectacular is now a weeks-long affair. And guess what: it's already begun. It's a good thing, too,

The reviews for this puppy life jacket will absolutely make your day

A lot of dogs — if not most, or all of them — are just naturally drawn towards the water. Problem is, not all of them can, you know, swim.?Most of them just kind of do this:Wow, that's cute.But just because your pup can’t swim doesn’t mean they don’t deserve to.

What Mashable staff bought last year on Black Friday

Black Friday isn’t just about getting discounts on 4K TVs and sound systems (that you may not even be getting a good deal on, anyway) — you can also get stuff for yourself that’s like,

Avoid online horrors for £2.45 a month with CyberGhost VPN

TL;DR: The comprehensive CyberGhost VPN is on sale for £2.45 a month, saving you 76% on list price.Halloween may have been and gone, but CyberGhost VPN is keeping things spooky until the end of the weekend with its Spooktakular Sale.

[nodejs]解決mysql和連接池(pool)自動斷開問題 - 小玉西瓜



在短文章和博客的海洋中,一篇富有深意的長文章將使讀者倍感清新。2009 年在加州創立的 Longreads 就是這樣一家,致力于為讀者提供優秀的、較長的選讀文章的公司。今天該公司宣布已經被知名Wordpress 的母公司 Automattic 收購。

不只是亞馬遜的3D手機,能感應物理世界的Google 3D平板也亮相了

3D技術無疑是當今技術演化的未來,無論是Oculus Rift為代表的頭戴式設備還是Amazon準備在6月18 […]

天空的補丁Patch of Sky,想念遠方的陰云晴雨

想念遠方的一個人兒,是會惦念ta的衣食住行吧?ta頭頂的那一方天空,是會入夢的吧?恍若與ta呼吸著同樣的空氣, […]



[視頻]Galaxy Note 3運行Android Lollipop系統上手

Android 5.0 Lollipop無疑是擺在OEM廠商面前的香餑餑,作為Android陣營的大哥三星已經為多款旗艦設備適配Android Lollipop系統,繼日前Galaxy S4和Galaxy S5運行Lollipop系統曝光之外今天外媒再次分享了Galaxy Note 3運行Lollipop系統的上手視頻。

雜記- 3W互聯網的圈子,大數據敏捷BI與微軟BI的前端痛點 - BIWORK

開篇介紹上周末參加了一次永洪科技在中關村 3W 咖啡舉行的一次線下沙龍活動 - 關于它們的產品大數據敏捷 BI 工具的介紹。

New dating app gets attacked by 'sharks' in 'Shark Tank' sneak peek

Apparently sharks aren't huge fans of coffee, bagels or dating apps.A trio of sisters learns this the hard way in the exclusive Shark Tank sneak peek above, in which they are skewered by the potential investors from whom they're hoping to secure an investment. See also:

7 vintage ads starring Hollywood actors before they were famous

Most Hollywood A-listers had to get to the small screen before making the big screen.Take Robert De Niro, who starred in a 1969 car commercial for the AMC Ambassador before graduating to serious, feature roles in The Godfather: Part II and Taxi Driver. Or John Travolta,



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