Federal safety agency wants answers on Tesla battery fires

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is investigating Tesla over alleged battery defects that have reportedly led to fires in the Model S and Model X.On Oct. 24,

Walmart just dropped their Black Friday ad and these are the best deals

Great news: One of Black Friday’s most notorious heavy hitters finally dropped their ad for this year’s deals. (Spoiler: It’s Walmart.

Motorola's new Razr is the first foldable smartphone worth getting excited about

The Razr is back.?Fifteen years after launching the iconic flip phone, Motorola is showing off its highly anticipated reboot: a $1499 smartphone with a flexible display that folds up when you're not using it.I got an early look at the new Razr at a press event in Los Angeles on Tuesday,

Here's how to watch the first 30 seasons of 'The Simpsons' for free

TL;DR: You can watch the first 30 seasons of The Simpsons for free for a week by signing up for Disney+, but beware of formatting issues.Attention, longtime fans of The Simpsons: There's finally a way to stream the show's first 30 seasons online, and you don't even have to spend any "d'oh." (Sorry.

Amazon's new Echo Show 8 is finally on sale, and so are 5 other smart displays

TL;DR: There are half a dozen smart displays on sale across Walmart and Amazon right now, including the all-new Echo Show 8, the Google Nest Hub, and the first-generation Facebook Portal.The battle for the smart home is heating up as Amazon, Google,

'Epstein didn't kill himself' and the viral power of conspiracy theory memes

Zoomers on TikTok, plant hobbyist meme accounts, and Fox News guests have little in common. But they all declare the same rallying cry: Jeffrey Epstein didn't kill himself.?Whether a macro image or a short video, the meme more or less follows the same format.

This comedian uses standup to discuss social issues — Mashable Originals

As a half-Japanese, half-Moroccan Muslim woman, Sarah Amy Harvard has always felt comfortable speaking her mind. After leaving the media world, Harvard decided to find the perfect way to talk about uncomfortable subjects: comedy. Read more...More about Mashable Video, Comedy, Social Good, Comedian,

This attachable second screen will double your smartphone — Future Blink

Available for newer Samsung Galaxy and iPhones models, castAway is a phone case that also adds a second screen. Read more...More about Tech, Mashable Video, Castaway, Phone Screen, and Future Blink

AirPods Pro and Android: Is it worth it?

Don't have an iPhone but still lusting after Apple's newest AirPods? You're probably not alone, though you might want to think twice before you sink $249 of your hard-earned cash into them.?But, if you're reading this, chances are you're seriously considering it anyway. The good news:

15 products you'll want to blow your money on without thinking twice

Money matters aside, sometimes there's a gadget or gizmo you just have to have. For some, it's the latest and greatest tech. For others, it's a hyped-up product on Instagram. We're not here to judge; we think you should treat yourself.

Make Thanksgiving dinner like a pro with this smart pot stirrer

TL;DR: Get the time-saving StirMATE Smart Pot Stirrer for $49.99, a 16% savings.?You know what’s a tricky dish to make? Risotto.It’s not one of those things where you can just chuck all the ingredients in a pot, stick it on low heat,




微軟上周末起訴三星,要求三星繼續支付有關該公司生產 Android 手機所必須向已經被微軟收購的諾基亞/收購了諾基亞的微軟支付專利使用費(兩個協議,同一個支付主體,不同的受付主體)。

Netflix no longer reveals your embarrassing viewing habits to Facebook friends

A change to its recommendations feature means that users can choose to send notifications to friends when they have watched a show that may interest them instead of automatically informing everyone.Read more: http://www.itproportal.


最近,我在瀏覽一家問答網站時看到這樣一個問題:「新科技項目或初創公司就當遵循什么基本經濟原則?」 .


上海2014年10月9日電 /美通社/ -- Equipmag是歐洲最大的零售設備與技術展會之一。

Scientists Built Flash Storage in a Single Molecule

When a lot of us think about storage, we still think about that archaic method of encoding data by etching patterns into a disk. That's so 20th century. In the era of flash storage, researchers are now doing amazing things with chemical bonds—things like storing data on a single molecule.

Create your dream gadget for our Vine Challenge

Between touch-screen laptops, sleep-tracking bracelets and wireless headphones, it's safe to say that most of our everyday needs are taken care of. Information comes with a touch of a button and interaction is as easy as SiriBut what if our gadgets could do even more?


Dan Gillmor目前在美國亞利桑那州立大學教授數字媒體素養課程,推廣企業精神。他近日在網上發布了一篇文章 […]

煲水都要「智能化」- appkettle 智能水煲

看到 Topic 好多 unwire 讀者心裡一定想:「煲水之嘛,水滾就自己熄囉,仲點智能呀?」,正因為大家都 …The post 煲水都要「智能化」- appkettle 智能水煲 appeared first on UNWIRE.HK 流動科技生活.



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