Microsoft rumored to pull Cortana from Android launcher for international markets

The Microsoft Launcher might see faster and more uniformed development with Cortana's absence and the launcher possibly defaulting to a native assistant

Microsoft To Do gets an update on iOS and Android smart devices with bug fixes for both

Microsoft’s free To Do app received updates for Apple’s iOS devices and Android smartphones and tablets today. The iOS update brings Microsoft To Do up to Version 2.12 and mostly contains fixes and improvements for features ranging from crashes to VoiceOver. Here’s the full release notes:

Microsoft is giving away an official Dragon Ball Z Xbox One X video game console

Microsoft is currently giving away a super-rare Xbox One X console and controller with unique designs inspired by the Dragon Ball Z Kakarot video game.

Mega Man Zero/ZX Legacy Collection is now live on Microsoft’s Xbox One consoles

The latest Mega Man Legacy Collection release, Mega Man Zero/ZX Legacy Collection, is now available to play on Microsoft’s family of Xbox One consoles.

Windows 10’s Twitter app updates with loads of new functionality and fixes

It’s been a while but a new batch of official release notes have been published detailing all of the recent changes made to the Twitter Progressive Web App (PWA) that’s used to power the Windows 10 Twitter app. Not all of these changes appear to be live for everyone just yet so it’s likely that […]

Xbox One console owners will soon be able to eject Blu-ray and game discs with a controller

Microsoft’s Xbox One consoles are finally getting the ability to eject a disk by pressing a button on a controller. This new feature was spotted by some Reddit users who are partaking in the Xbox Insiders program and noticed the new prompt to press the X button to make a disk eject.

Microsoft Edge app updates on iOS with new tracking and sync options

The iOS version of the Microsoft Edge app updated to Version 44.13.1 earlier today across Apple’s iPhone and iPad devices. Today’s update brings additional sync options to the web browser app and new tracking preferences that allow users to customize the level of security they want.

Eve-Devices teases sequel to its Microsoft Pro competitor

the leaked image from the company hints at a similar design aesthetic as Google's Pixelbook Go with dual tactile arrangements

OneNote for Windows 10 and OneNote 2016 are here to stay, but the codebases will be merging

During an Ignite session yesterday, OneNote product manager Ben Hodes announced that Microsoft was working on merging all the modern code from the OneNote for Windows 10 app back to OneNote 2016.

The new Surface Pro X Unboxing and First Impressions (Video)

Today we'll be taking a quick look at all that and will be unboxing the Surface Pro X, and sharing some initial impressions ahead of our full review in the coming weeks.

Surface Pro X Unboxing and First Impressions (Video)

Today we'll be unboxing the Surface Pro X, and sharing some initial impressions ahead of the release.

RCMP Arrest Canadian Teen For Heartbleed Exploit

According to PC Mag, a "19-year-old Canadian was arrested on Tuesday for his alleged role in the breach of the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) website, the first known arrest for exploiting the Heartbleed bug. Stephen Arthuro Solis-Reyes (pictured) of London,



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【I/O 2014】發布會總結:互通互聯的 Android 生態帝國

一年一度的 Google I/O 大會剛剛閉幕,本次大會的主角依舊是 Android,但與以往很不同的是,Android 開始進入可穿戴、汽車、電視甚至是筆記本。

[視頻]超越視頻通話 新研究讓異地溝通更具現場感



.需要具體分析。1.串聯式混合動力系統串聯式系統發動機只發電,不輸出動力;僅電動機輸出動力。整車輸出功率 = 電動機輸出功率。※未考慮能量傳遞效率。以下同。2.混聯式混合動力系統拿普銳斯舉例。

TechCrunch Disrupt 2015 年舊金山大會演講嘉賓及評委完整名單

TechCrunch Disrupt 舊金山大會還有幾天就要開幕了,在這個為期三天的科技盛會上,眾多科技行業最具代表性的企業家和思想領袖將登臺發表講話。大家現在仍然可以點擊 這里 ,購買 TechCrunch Disrupt 舊金山大會門票。


再過幾天,許多玩家們期待的 PSX 2015 索尼體驗會就將開始。雖說這盛會重在展示索尼第一方的大作,但第三方廠商一樣可以拿出它們的得意作品供玩家體驗。不久前卡普空率先公布了自家游戲陣容。

愛國者發布新款插線板 內置三個USB充電口


IE怪異模式 - 風度后天

前些天遇到一個前端問題,在ie下一個頁面出現了錯位、嚴重樣式錯亂,排查了好久一直沒有找到問題。后來發現,所有錯亂的頁面在審查元素的時候,文件模式都顯示為quirks模式。出于好奇,就查了查這個quirks模式。Quirks Mode是一種瀏覽器(像IE,Firefox,Opera)操作模式。從根本上...

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