There's finally an affordable 3D printer, and it just went on sale

TL;DR: Get the futuristic SparkMaker Original SLA 3D Printer Starter Bundle for $299, a 24% savings.?Once upon a time, 3D printing was just a topic of fantasy films. Today, it's a technology that's available to the masses. There's just one problem: it's insanely expensive.

The dreaded 'someone is typing' dots have entered the impeachment drama

Text messages briefly took center stage during the first part of Donald Trump's impeachment hearings, and with them have come one of the worst parts of texting: those three little dots that signify "someone is typing."On Wednesday,

3 great hair styling tools you'll want to blow all your money on

TL;DR: Buy the essential iHome vanity mirror with Bluetooth audio capabilities for $49.88 at Walmart. You save 38% on its regular price, plus you can also find other early Black Friday deals on hair styling tools such as a CHI hair straightener and Revlon volumizer brush.?

Hate crime murders rose in 2018, according to new FBI data

The FBI's most recent Hate Crime Statistics Report, released on Tuesday, recorded 24 hate crime murders committed in 2018, a rise from the year before.?In total, 7,120 hate crime incidents were reported in 2018, with 8,646 victims. 16,

Costco's 3-person sauna may be the most WTF Black Friday deal we've seen so far

TL;DR: This oddly-sized three-person sauna will be $800 off at Costco for Black Friday, dropping the price to $1,399.99.Black Friday brings us some pretty great deals, but there are also some that have us saying, "Huh?" Like this three-person sauna that will be on sale at Costco.

Please enjoy this satisfying video of a pizza created from Lego in stop motion

YouTube channel Bebop graced the world with this stop motion Lego pizza video, and we may or may not be watching it for the 43rd time.According to the video's description, the creators used 3,300 photos to make the sequence, which shows the process of making a pizza brick-by-brick.

Walmart has the Ninja Foodi convection oven and grill on sale

TL;DR: Ninja air frying items are on sale at Walmart ahead of Black Friday. Save $20 on the Ninja Foodi 6-in-1 Air Fryer Oven, $31 on the Ninja Foodi 4-in-1 Grill, and $50 on the Ninja XL air fryer.

The new AirPods Pro are on a slight discount on Amazon

TL;DR: You decide if it's worth it to you, but the AirPods Pro are $14 off (note that they won't ship for 1-3 months).While the AirPods Pro pretty much just launched, we came across a nice little (seriously, it’s very little) discount for you if you want a pair — that is,

Develop the next must-have app with this set of online courses

TL;DR: Get the informative Android Jetpack and App Development Certification Bundle for $29, a 97% savings.?With an average salary of around $90k a year, app development is a lucrative way to make a living? — and it's in super high demand, too.

Tech gifts you can feel good about giving to your kids

Back when I was a youngin’ in the late '80s and early '90s, the top gifts for the holidays were action figures, Nerf guns, and Power Wheels. Fast-forward to 2019 and I’ve got two kids of my own — a 4-year-old and 5-month-old — and holiday shopping for a child is considerably harder.

This robot vacuum is down by over £100 in the Amazon pre-Black Friday sale

TL;DR: The powerful Eufy RoboVac 30C robot vacuum cleaner is on sale for £169.99 on Amazon, saving you 41% on list price.We've been waiting weeks for Black Friday deals to start dropping, and we're finally starting to see some movement. It's been painful at times, but it looks like we've made it.




據Financial Times消息,E-Marketer 今日發布數據稱,Instagram在美國的移動用戶已經超過Twitter。Instagram在美國有3500萬移動用戶,超過Twitter的3080萬。Twitter稱其在全世界有2.4億月活躍用戶,而Instagram的月活躍用戶則有2億。



Windows Phone更新現“附件應用程序” 疑似為智能腕帶設備鋪路

據外媒報道,日前,微軟開始向用戶推送Windows Phone 8.1 update 1。在更新之后的Windows Phone中,出現了一項名為“附件應用程序(Accessory Apps)”的新版塊--看起來很像是為智能手表或其他相類似可穿戴設備而推出的功能。


產品的目標用戶,是在設計做產品之前就要確定下來的。如果沒有明確的目標用戶,那么接下來要談的人物角色創建就無法展 […]

Can you have the best of both clouds?

Public and private clouds have been rapidly adopted by businesses around the world over the past few years. What can a third option, hybrid cloud, do for businesses though?Read more:

WPF打印原理,自定義打印 - Bat-Man


澳科學家發明高效電解水制氫技術 有望大規模生產清潔燃料


調查顯示更多人從 Android 投奔 iPhone,中國比例最高

美國證券公司 Timothy Arcuri of Cowen & Company 在向客戶發布的一份最新報告中稱今年二月的一份 3000 名智能手機用戶調查結果顯示,從 Android 轉而投奔 iPhone 的用戶數量依然在增長。

踢走 Windows RT!傳 Microsoft 下月發表全新 Surface 3 平板

相比起 Surface Pro 3,Microsoft 旗下的另一款平板 Surface 2 可能不是太成功 的產品,主要是由於它採用了劣評如潮的 Windows RT,以及配備的 ARM 處理器限制了應用程式兼用性及部份功能。

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