Vaping illness linked directly to one substance in new CDC report

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has finally named a culprit behind the mysterious lung illness tied to vape use that's been making headlines since the summer.A new report identifies vitamin E acetate as a cause of the illness that has come to be identified as EVALI.

Walmart has the Ninja Foodi convection oven and grill on sale

TL;DR: Ninja air frying items are on sale at Walmart ahead of Black Friday. Save $20 on the Ninja Foodi 6-in-1 Air Fryer Oven, $31 on the Ninja Foodi 4-in-1 Grill, and $50 on the Ninja XL air fryer.

The new AirPods Pro are on a slight discount on Amazon

TL;DR: You decide if it's worth it to you, but the AirPods Pro are $14 off (note that they won't ship for 1-3 months).While the AirPods Pro pretty much just launched, we came across a nice little (seriously, it’s very little) discount for you if you want a pair — that is,

Walmart has the Ninja Foodi on sale now for Macy's Black Friday price

TL;DR: Walmart has the Ninja Foodi (6-quart) on sale for $169.99, which is the doorbuster price that Macy's listed in its Black Friday ad.?The only thing better than seeing an absolute steal in a Black Friday ad is finding that same price weeks before Black Friday.

In need of a home makeover? Check out this decor on sale at Amazon.

TL;DR: Amazon is having a sale on tons of home decor items, with savings up to 40%.Confession: I recently moved, and about 90 percent of my brain space has been consumed by home decor. I spend way too much time scrolling through Amazon, IKEA,

Apple finally reveals when its pricey 'cheese grater' Mac Pro will become available

If the words Mac Pro don't ring any bells, maybe the words "cheese grater" will jog your memory. On Wednesday, Apple announced its new desktop will finally be available in December.

Select Verizon users can get a free year of Disney+ — here's how

TL;DR: Verizon is offering an entire year of Disney+ on the house for eligible users — check to see if you made the cut.Yesterday was the launch of Disney+, and the hype is still at peak levels. Unless you live under a rock,

Traveling abroad? Google Maps can now talk to your taxi driver for you.

Imagine for a moment you're in a foreign country and tripping over your own tongue to give a cab driver directions they can understand. Sound familiar? Well, Google Maps is ready and willing to help.Starting Wednesday,

Feel guilty about flying? That’s 'flygskam.' Here’s what you can do about it.

'Flygskam' is a compound of the Swedish words 'flyg', which means flight, and 'skam' – shame. There, the movement is already changing people's flying habits. More and more travelers are replacing planes with trains.?Now, 'flygskam' is making ripples around the world.

Refresh your bedroom with this early Black Friday deal on sheets

TL;DR: Experience the sheer joy of sleeping in ultra cozy bamboo sheets — this 4-piece queen sheet set is just $32.99, a 69% savings.?Sadly, you can't wave a magic wand to improve your sleeping habits. But something as straightforward as changing your bedding could be a step in the right direction.

There's finally an affordable 3D printer, and it just went on sale

TL;DR: Get the futuristic SparkMaker Original SLA 3D Printer Starter Bundle for $299, a 24% savings.?Once upon a time, 3D printing was just a topic of fantasy films. Today, it's a technology that's available to the masses. There's just one problem: it's insanely expensive.



內部資料顯示iPhone發展遇阻 大屏成必然


WikiLeaks: NSA Recording All Telephone Calls In Afghanistan

On Monday, The Intercept reported that the NSA is recording the content of every cell phone call in the Bahamas. At the time of publication, The Intercept said there was another country in which the NSA was doing this, but declined to name it because of "specific,


McAfee一項名為“青少年與顯示屏(Teens and the Screen)”的調查顯示近三成美青少年覺得自己在網上比在真實生活中更受歡迎,更易被人接受。同時調查還發現了網上欺凌現象日漸嚴重以及部分青少年缺乏網絡安全意識。

P2P 網貸在未來一年里的發展速度會不會減緩?P2P 網貸會不會成為未來理財的潮流?

謝謝 @黃席盛邀請。以從業者的角度來看,P2P作為一個細分行業存在并發展下去ni已經是確定的事情,這個結論是考慮了行業發展,未來空間和監管態度得出的。

智能 “替身”,虛擬的不朽


《重擊:神之浩劫》將在Xbox One平臺開啟Beta測試

由Hi-Rez Studio開發的眾神題材3D多人在線戰術競技游戲《重擊(Smite)》目前正在其官網上開放X […]

AMD的Mantle 1.0已死 請轉向微軟的DirectX 12


亞馬遜 5 億美元買下 Elemental,為 AWS 尋求更多視頻業務

據VB消息,亞馬遜今天宣布旗下云服務AWS已收購了一家視頻處理公司Elemental Technologies,該公司的主要技術是提供將傳統視頻內容轉化為數字格式的視頻處理服務。此次收購涉及金額據稱將在5億美元左右。



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