AirPods Pro covered in 18-karat gold will *only* cost you $67,000

What do you buy the oligarch who has everything? How about a pair of AirPods Pro covered in real gold.?Yes, Caviar, the Russian luxury gadget company that brought us the $70,000 diamond-encrusted iPhone 11 Pro,

The best products for growing and maintaining a beard in the UK

Beards. Many of you will want one, but not all of you can have one.Follicularly-blessed friends are lucky — the presence of a good beard has the potential to add an air of brooding mystery to your aesthetic, making you all the more interesting compared to the others. So go ahead,

BTS and Jimmy Fallon playing party games is silly, chaotic fun

Monday's episode of the Tonight Show saw K-pop group BTS join Jimmy Fallon for a round of Subway Olympics, playing several games that probably won't appear in the real Olympics any time soon. These included Protect the Duck, in which players attempted to knock a rubber duck off each other's hand,

BTS took over Grand Central Station with Jimmy Fallon and it'll stop you in your tracks

Imagine being powerful enough to take over one of the busiest train stations in America, putting on a performance in a landmark that sees 750,000 passengers a day.Well, K-pop titans BTS stopped Grand Central Station in its tracks, with a performance in the Manhattan icon's main hall.

BTS finally explained 'the black bean noodle incident' to Jimmy Fallon

The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon solved a long-running K-pop mystery on Monday, finally revealing the details of BTS' Black Bean Noodle Incident.The boy group teased the tale last year when RM and Jimin brought it up during a livestream.

'If you use pundit math, he was actually losing': Seth Meyers mocks media panic at Sanders' populari

Bernie Sanders won the Nevada caucus over the weekend, securing his place as the current frontrunner for the Democratic nomination. However, while these results clearly indicate most of the population is behind Bernie,

Saying Bernie Sanders 'rejects' climate reality is profoundly foolish

So far in short-lived 2020, Antarctic scientists measured warm waters eating away at the planet's most threatening glacier, Earth experienced its warmest January in over 140 years of record-keeping, and the Australian Navy rescued 1,000 residents trapped by the nation's historic,

Best dating sites and apps for people over 40 — and the ones you should avoid

Dating when you're 40 or older can be intimidating — unlike when you're in your 20s or 30s, you can't assume everyone your age is single and looking. If you've found yourself "on the market" again, it's important to remember that half of U.S. marriages do end in divorce,

8 of the best smart speakers according to Amazon reviewers in the UK

If you’re searching for a new smart speaker, the market is flooded with options. Whether you’re looking to spend your time listening to music outside, or you’re searching for the perfect indoor music solution, there are hundreds of smart speakers for you to consider.

Holy crap, the maxed out 16-inch MacBook Pro costs $6,099

If you want a pro machine, you'll have to pay top dollar for it.?The new 16-inch MacBook Pro, announced Wednesday on Apple's website, is the most powerful laptop the company has ever built. It starts at $2,399, but that price climbs fast as you start adding more options.?

Black Friday prices guaranteed on Currys PC World

TL;DR: The NOW TV Smart Box and NOW TV Pass bundle is on sale for £24.99 on Currys PC World, saving you over £24 on list price.Do not panic just yet, because Currys PC World hasn't officially launched its Black Friday sale, despite some excitement.

Netflix Signs Exclusive Deal With Chelsea Handler For 2016 Talk Show

Netflix has just announced an exclusive deal with the beautiful and brilliant Chelsea Handler for an upcoming series of talk show programming featuring the comedienne herself, of course. Both the network and Handler are keeping mum about how the show will be formatted,

TIOBE 2014年7月編程語言排行榜:僅發布1月,Swift進Top 20!

TIOBE7月編程語言排行榜發布,本月最值得關注的是,蘋果公司在WWDC 2014上推出新的編程語言Swift,發布至今僅一月有余,Swift竟擠進TIOBE排行榜的Top 20,排名第16位。Swift能取得如此驕人的成績,實在是可喜可賀。



新Mac Outlook Office 365 訂閱用戶可用


You can now explore Google Street View with virtual reality

Google Cardboard, the tech giant's low-cost virtual reality headset that's literally made of cardboard and works with phones, is now compatible with Street View.Google announced on Tuesday that users can wear the headset and experience Google Maps Street View in a new, immersive waySee also:

40 個免費的扁平圖標集 —— 2015年5月





Hip San Francisco park reopens with new open-air urinal

SAN FRANCISCO ?— San Francisco's iconic Dolores Park is now home to the city's first open-air urinal, the latest move to combat the destructive scourge of public urination in the City by the Bay.The concrete circular urinal is out in the open, though plants and a screen offer some privacy.

iOS 9.3應用鏈接失效真相曝光 竟都是“它”惹的禍

近日有用戶指出,在升級 iOS 9.3 后又發現了新的 bug,具體表現為部分應用內的鏈接失效從而導致卡死、崩潰等情況出現。一些用戶表示禁用 JavaScript 選項又或者刪除擴展軟件可以暫時解決這個問題,究竟導致這個 bug ... ...

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