This attachable second screen will double your smartphone — Future Blink

Available for newer Samsung Galaxy and iPhones models, castAway is a phone case that also adds a second screen. Read more...More about Tech, Mashable Video, Castaway, Phone Screen, and Future Blink

Here's how to start a career in copywriting for less than £11

TL;DR: The Copywriting Mastery bundle is on sale for £10.72 as of August 5, saving you 96% on list price.Have you ever wondered if your writing hobby could actually become a career? The good news is that there's a path a whole lot simpler than trying to write and publish a book. May we suggest:

Match vs. eharmony: Both are for serious relationships, but how do the dating sites compare in the U

Though society has outgrown most cliché tropes that surrounded online dating in its early years, believing that meeting online can grow into a genuine connection can still be hard. If any dating sites can rekindle your hope that there's someone out there who wants the same thing you do,

Engineer who took Google's self-driving secrets to Uber sentenced to 18 months

Former Uber engineer Anthony Levandowski has been sentenced to 18 months' imprisonment after pleading guilty to stealing trade secrets from Waymo, Google's self-driving car division. He's also agreed to pay over $756,000 to the company, plus a fine of $95,

Become a speed reading machine with this online class

TL;DR: The Become a Speed Reading Machine course is on sale for £19.14 as of August 5, saving you 87% on list price.If you're being honest, you've probably?always?been secretly — and irrationally — jealous of speedy readers. Who isn't?Back in school,

Netflix's 'Immigration Nation' damns the system by telling the truth

Six hours of a stranger’s time is a big ask, especially if you’re vouching for a show you haven’t seen yet. But leading up to the August 3 release of Netflix’s Immigration Nation, plenty of people ventured out on that limb to promote the series on social media.

Disney moves 'Mulan' release straight to streaming. You can watch in September.

After months of delays due to coronavirus, Disney has decided to release the highly anticipated live-action Mulan on streaming in September, per THR.Unlike other Disney+ titles, which are available to users who pay for a monthly or annual subscription, Mulan will need to be purchased for $29.99.

Americans are totally overwhelmed by the news

Americans say they’re overwhelmed by the flood of news on the internet. And that’s causing some people — especially conservatives — to tune out.Gallup and the Knight Foundation published the results of a 20,

Verizon's Stream TV can't stream Netflix

Launching a new streaming device in 2019 requires ticking a few boxes if you want consumers to purchase it. Top of the list is support for all the major streaming services, a feature Verizon seems to have overlooked for its new Stream TV device.As 9To5Google reports,

5 tips to get the best Black Friday deals — Clarification Please

Black Friday is upon us, and amidst all the chaos, we're serving up five big tips to get the most for your money! Read more...More about Mashable Video, Shopping, Commerce, Black Friday, and Clarification Please

Of course big tech is tracking your WebMD visits

Information about our health is supposed to be sacred, but the internet has basically thrown that tenet of society out the window.A new report from the Financial Times has found that the extent to which consumer medical websites share data with internet advertisers like Google, Facebook,


比特幣可以和本國貨幣林吉特自由兌換嗎?有多少家商店現在接受比特幣?我們向你帶來比特幣在馬來西亞的現狀。 比特幣近期受到了大量關注,尤其是當一個比特幣的價格超越了一盎司黃金的價格之后。

[圖]可像MOTO X自由定制 MOTO 360更多消息曝光

本周外媒通過摩托羅拉的視角對Android Wear進行了深入挖掘,帶給我們關于MOTO 360智能手表更多的信息。

?微軟在 iOS 和 Android 平臺推出 Office Lens,讓你輕松掃描文件

看來在 Windows Phone 上的獨家 Microsoft 軟體要再少一個了,因為他們的 Office Lens 已經在 App Store 上架,并推出 Android 適用的預覽版本。

ThinkPad X1 Carbon:設計與工程思維的碰撞

若你曾到過意大利北部的摩德納,你會發現這里是法拉利、蘭博基尼、瑪莎拉蒂、布加迪等知名超級跑車品牌的誕生地。這里 […]

Teen buys crop top on Amazon, mom reviews it with help from cat

No stars for the crop top. Five stars for the cat.When her 16-year-old daughter bought a crocheted crop top on Amazon, Christy, who goes by the username sb043 on the site, posted a scathing review for the summery garment.See also: Doug the Pug recreates Kim Kardashian's sexiest selfiesImage:

看來 Apple Pay 馬上就來,它能絕殺支付寶錢包和微信支付么?

國內的一些媒體最近曝光了兩則 Apple Pay 使用的視頻,基本可以讓我們知道 Apple Pay 到底是如何在線上線下的情況下工作的。#歡迎關注愛范兒認證微信公眾號:AppSolution(微信號:appsolution),發現新酷精華應用。 愛范兒 |原文鏈接 ·查看評論 ·新浪微博



一加手機3海量真機組圖流出 售價或1999元起

【媒體報導】6月9日消息,多次給出靠譜爆料的微博網友@Reviewer_小康昨日曬出一組一加手機3真機照,并稱一加手機價格1999元起步。該網友同時曝光的還有一加3硅膠軟套,包含多張一加3的真機圖,和此前曝光的相符合 ... ...




今年早些時候,社交網站 Facebook 的創始人兼首席執行官 Mark Zuckerberg 上傳的一張辦公室照片顯示,他用一塊膠帶覆蓋在了 MacBook Pro 的攝像頭上,雖然有許多人嘲笑他的這一做法,但是美國聯邦調查局局長 James Comey 表示,每個人都應該有這樣的安全意識。

? 云聚網互聯網資訊 我要投稿 云聚網博客 DeepHub IMBA

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