This comedian uses standup to discuss social issues — Mashable Originals

As a half-Japanese, half-Moroccan Muslim woman, Sarah Amy Harvard has always felt comfortable speaking her mind. After leaving the media world, Harvard decided to find the perfect way to talk about uncomfortable subjects: comedy. Read more...More about Mashable Video, Comedy, Social Good, Comedian,

Why the fat bears are already getting so fat

Fat Bear Week isn't until October.Yet the brown bears of Katmai National Park and Preserve — who are livestreamed on the webcams over the summer — are fattening up well before their looming winter hibernation. The reason why is an extraordinary 2020 sockeye salmon run,

Blockchain technology helps these farmers be more sustainable

Farmer Connect uses IBM blockchain technology to connect farmers, buyers, and consumers from the farm to the cup.?NEXT STORY: Read more...More about Social Good, Mashable Video, Farming, Ibm, and Blockchain

Dick's Sporting Goods is having a huge flash sale with up to 50% off everything

Cabin fever is hitting especially hard this summer, so any reason to get outside and get active is a good one —?but this one might be the best.Dick's Sporting Goods is currently running a massive one-day flash sale until 10 p.m PT on July 15,

This guy built a hilariously complicated robot barber and let it cut his hair with scissors

Shane Wighton's YouTube channel, Stuff Made Here, is no stranger to remarkably complicated robotics projects. You might remember his viral video where he built a basketball hoop where he'd never miss.?So now, with many barbershops and salons closed during the pandemic,

Zoom announces 27-inch touchscreen for taking video calls at home

Plenty of folks will rely on Zoom for the foreseeable future, so naturally the company is getting into the hardware game.?The San Jose-based video conferencing company announced its first Zoom from Home device on Wednesday. It's a partnership with DTEN, also based in San Jose,

Meet White Castle's new robot chef, Flippy

Move over human grill cooks, White Castle is teaming up with Miso Robotics to test an automated sous-chef. The aptly named Flippy—an AI-enabled kitchen assistant—is set to join the staff at a Chicago-area burger joint for a trial run that could usher in a new era of robot hash slingers.

Google Meet adds 'Zoom-bombing' protection for educators

The coronavirus pandemic has made video conferencing incredibly popular, but also given us a new term to learn: Zoom-bombing. It's when anonymous users enter your video chat—in this case, on the Zoom Meetings service—and cause all sorts of disruption.This phenomenon is not limited to Zoom, however,

This attachable second screen will double your smartphone — Future Blink

Available for newer Samsung Galaxy and iPhones models, castAway is a phone case that also adds a second screen. Read more...More about Tech, Mashable Video, Castaway, Phone Screen, and Future Blink

Verizon's Stream TV can't stream Netflix

Launching a new streaming device in 2019 requires ticking a few boxes if you want consumers to purchase it. Top of the list is support for all the major streaming services, a feature Verizon seems to have overlooked for its new Stream TV device.As 9To5Google reports,

5 tips to get the best Black Friday deals — Clarification Please

Black Friday is upon us, and amidst all the chaos, we're serving up five big tips to get the most for your money! Read more...More about Mashable Video, Shopping, Commerce, Black Friday, and Clarification Please

HTC One(M8)已被拆解,結論是很難修理

分類: 智能手機2014 年版的 HTC One(M8)才剛剛公布,但 iFixit 的團隊已經取得了這款手機并快快地將它拆解了。起初他們為了發現 M8 的底部有螺絲可以被擰松來打開它的機身而感到高興,不過在打開之后惡夢就來了。

每日vim插件--vim中的文本對象及相關插件 - fooCoder

最近在個人博客上 每天都會介紹一個vim插件,想起來園子也好久沒更新了,也來更新一篇。今天按讀者留言的要求,介紹下文本對象。同時還會介紹我在用的幾個文本相關的插件.

分享我的數據庫訪問幫助類EasyDBUtility.dll C# - 事理




Whitepaper: Fourth Annual UK Online Retail Christmas Readiness Report

Industry benchmark analysis and best practice guide to maximise Christmas returns.Read more:

Kim Jong-un Broke Both Ankles and Is Hospitalized, Report Claims

Kim Jong-un has broken both of his ankles and is now in the hospital after undergoing surgery, a report in a South Korean newspaper claims.The North Korean leader has been missing for more than three weeks, fueling speculation about what could cause his unusual disappearance from the public eye.

The Internet hates that Jamie Dornan won't do '50 Shades' frontal

Seriously, though, what's the point?Fifty Shades of Grey fans were not happy on Sunday upon learning that Jamie Dornan, who will play the lead role of Christian Grey in the upcoming movie adaptation, announced he would not do frontal nudity in the film.We’ll give you a second to process that.

Why Is OLED Different and What Makes It So Great?

I have seen the future of high definition displays and lo, it is glorious. Not to mention rollable, foldable, and clearly superior to the LCD or LED or really every other panel technology available today.Read more...

米奇/米妮隨身,日本 Disney x iDress iPhone6 筆記簿型保護套

買了 iPhone6 想找個又靚又華麗,又有十足保護效果的保護套嗎?如果同樣喜歡米奇老鼠/米妮老鼠的話,以下這個 Disney x iDress 就會是妳的選擇啦!

支援 Qi 無線充電 車廂空氣凈化器大陸現身

近日一款由 CM 研發的空氣淨化機在大陸預購網站 Demohour 登場。對於大陸大城市日益嚴重的空氣污染,空氣淨化機非常受市民歡迎,而 CM 亦加入手機無線充電功能,為它增值。

? 云聚網互聯網資訊 我要投稿 云聚網博客 DeepHub IMBA

快新时时开奖表 江苏11选五乐选玩法介绍 奉化期货配资 辽宁11选5走势图 北京pk10预测 山西11选5台子 028排列3论坛 今日股票推荐排名 河南体彩泳坛夺金玩法 上海11选5免费计划网站 山东群英会app下载 福建省股票微信群 黑龙江11选五任选走势 全国四肖中特期期准一 20选5预测专家 河南福彩快三遗漏值 赌场扑克游戏