'Epstein didn't kill himself' and the viral power of conspiracy theory memes

Zoomers on TikTok, plant hobbyist meme accounts, and Fox News guests have little in common. But they all declare the same rallying cry: Jeffrey Epstein didn't kill himself.?Whether a macro image or a short video, the meme more or less follows the same format.

Amazon has the Microsoft Surface Pro 7 on sale, plus free keyboard covers

TL;DR: The new Microsoft Surface Pro 7 has better graphics than the Surface Pro 6 and is on sale with a free keyboard cover (a $159.99 value) at Amazon for $793.48 —?a total savings of $236.51.Laptop and tablet brands just aren't as generous as they used to be with accessories. Apple be like "Hey,

This Furbo pet camera discount is almost as good as Black Friday's

TL;DR: The Furbo pet camera is on sale again, and the discount is almost as good as it was on Black Friday and Cyber Monday — save $100 on the treat-tossing device on Amazon, plus an additional $10 off if you click the coupon box.Being a pet parent is tough,

Banksy brings attention to homelessness with holiday artwork

Banksy left their mark on the UK city of Birmingham with a new artwork of two of Santa's reindeer attached to a public bench. Read more...More about Art, Christmas, Mashable Video, Culture, and Banksy

Nearly 800,000 applications for copies of birth certificates found accessible online

Among the exposed information includes names, birthdays, addresses, emails, phone numbers, and family members' names. Read more...More about Tech, Mashable Video, Cybersecurity, Birth Certificates, and Private Information

NASA blows hole in world's largest rocket fuel tank (on purpose)

Sometimes, NASA blows up rockets on purpose — for science!Such was the case on Dec. 5 when engineers put a replica of the world's largest fuel tank, NASA's Space Launch System liquid hydrogen tank, through a rigorous pressure test that literally blew it apart to see how much stress it could take.

These cool inventions will please your inner foodie — Future Blink

From sushi makers to underground beer storage units, these food gadgets are the definition of extra. ? Read more...More about Tech, Food, Mashable Video, Inventions, and Future Blink

Facebook adds lip syncing feature to Portal speakers

By most accounts, sales of Facebook's Portal devices have been pretty dismal. Now, the company is turning to a familiar source on inspiration in an effort to boost sales ahead of the holidays: TikTok.The company introduced a new, TikTok-like update to its Portal lineup called Mic Drop,

This comedian uses standup to discuss social issues — Mashable Originals

As a half-Japanese, half-Moroccan Muslim woman, Sarah Amy Harvard has always felt comfortable speaking her mind. After leaving the media world, Harvard decided to find the perfect way to talk about uncomfortable subjects: comedy. Read more...More about Mashable Video, Comedy, Social Good, Comedian,

This attachable second screen will double your smartphone — Future Blink

Available for newer Samsung Galaxy and iPhones models, castAway is a phone case that also adds a second screen. Read more...More about Tech, Mashable Video, Castaway, Phone Screen, and Future Blink

Verizon's Stream TV can't stream Netflix

Launching a new streaming device in 2019 requires ticking a few boxes if you want consumers to purchase it. Top of the list is support for all the major streaming services, a feature Verizon seems to have overlooked for its new Stream TV device.As 9To5Google reports,

The Case For a Federal Robotics Commission

New submitter hmcd31 writes: In a new paper for Brookings' series on the future of civilian robotics, University of Washington Law Professor Ryan Calo argues the need for a Federal Robotics Commission. With advancements such as driverless cars and drones taking to the roads and skies,

亞馬遜也將要開設實體店 欲和蘋果一較高下




It's an Oregon Drought Apocalypse in New Indie Flick The Last Survivors

What will happen to the lush and twee state of Oregon when the drought apocalypse hits? Whether you hate Portland hipsters, or merely lust for the end times, you’ll want to find out in forthcoming indie movie The Last Survivors. Here’s the first trailer for you to enjoy. Read more...



java輸入輸出流(內容練習) - kika

1,編寫一個程序,讀取文件test.txt的內容并在控制臺輸出。如果源文件不存在,則顯示相應的錯誤信息。 1 package src; 2 3 import java.io.File; 4 import java.io.FileNotFoundException; 5 import java.io....

美國互聯網用戶平均連接速度達11.7 Mbps 全球排名第20位

根據Akamai最新研究顯示,2015年第二季度全球互聯網平均連接速度提高了3.5%,至5.1 Mbps。其中,韓國的平均速度達到23.1Mbps,其次是香港的17Mbpds,日本達到16.4 Mbps,瑞典達到16.1 Mbps,瑞士達到15.


安裝在脫氯裝置后面的紫外線消毒系統 上海2015年10月28日電 /美通社/ -- 馬來西亞F&N飲料制造有限公司(F&N Beverages Manufacturing Sdn Bhd)在位于哥打基納巴盧的伊納南的最先進制造廠安裝了英國豪邁旗下子公司海諾威(hanovia.


【導讀】 舊金山的打車服務創業公司Lyft日前確認,它將與東南亞的GrabTaxi和印度的Ola建立合作,打通 ...

Cute koala's mating call sounds like a weird, sick frog

Koalas have the most drastic "apparent cuteness" to "actual nastiness" ratio in the animal kingdom.Sure, they look like adorable teddy bears with goofy stub hands, but in actuality, they are small, angry little sex monsters who make frog grunts when they look for mates.

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