Walmart just dropped their Black Friday ad and these are the best deals

Great news: One of Black Friday’s most notorious heavy hitters finally dropped their ad for this year’s deals. (Spoiler: It’s Walmart.

Today's Best Deals: Thermapen, Moto 360, Fitbit, and More

Kick off your weekend with Friday's best deals.

$10 Coupon on the Biggest Anker Charger, Free VUDU, and More Deals

Anker's biggest external charger is back down to $30 today, if you know the promo code. That's an all-time low. [ Anker 2nd Gen Astro E5 16000mAh External Battery Pack, $30 with code 2ASTROE5]Read more...

Choose Your Chrome OS Adventure, Cheaper iTunes Credit, and More Deals

If you're Chrome OS-curious, here are a couple of good deals for you to check out.Read more...

Why the fat bears are already getting so fat

Fat Bear Week isn't until October.Yet the brown bears of Katmai National Park and Preserve — who are livestreamed on the webcams over the summer — are fattening up well before their looming winter hibernation. The reason why is an extraordinary 2020 sockeye salmon run,

Blockchain technology helps these farmers be more sustainable

Farmer Connect uses IBM blockchain technology to connect farmers, buyers, and consumers from the farm to the cup.?NEXT STORY: Read more...More about Social Good, Mashable Video, Farming, Ibm, and Blockchain

Dick's Sporting Goods is having a huge flash sale with up to 50% off everything

Cabin fever is hitting especially hard this summer, so any reason to get outside and get active is a good one —?but this one might be the best.Dick's Sporting Goods is currently running a massive one-day flash sale until 10 p.m PT on July 15,

This guy built a hilariously complicated robot barber and let it cut his hair with scissors

Shane Wighton's YouTube channel, Stuff Made Here, is no stranger to remarkably complicated robotics projects. You might remember his viral video where he built a basketball hoop where he'd never miss.?So now, with many barbershops and salons closed during the pandemic,

Zoom announces 27-inch touchscreen for taking video calls at home

Plenty of folks will rely on Zoom for the foreseeable future, so naturally the company is getting into the hardware game.?The San Jose-based video conferencing company announced its first Zoom from Home device on Wednesday. It's a partnership with DTEN, also based in San Jose,

Meet White Castle's new robot chef, Flippy

Move over human grill cooks, White Castle is teaming up with Miso Robotics to test an automated sous-chef. The aptly named Flippy—an AI-enabled kitchen assistant—is set to join the staff at a Chicago-area burger joint for a trial run that could usher in a new era of robot hash slingers.

Google Meet adds 'Zoom-bombing' protection for educators

The coronavirus pandemic has made video conferencing incredibly popular, but also given us a new term to learn: Zoom-bombing. It's when anonymous users enter your video chat—in this case, on the Zoom Meetings service—and cause all sorts of disruption.This phenomenon is not limited to Zoom, however,

Motorola's new Razr is the first foldable smartphone worth getting excited about

The Razr is back.?Fifteen years after launching the iconic flip phone, Motorola is showing off its highly anticipated reboot: a $1499 smartphone with a flexible display that folds up when you're not using it.I got an early look at the new Razr at a press event in Los Angeles on Tuesday,

Here's how to watch the first 30 seasons of 'The Simpsons' for free

TL;DR: You can watch the first 30 seasons of The Simpsons for free for a week by signing up for Disney+, but beware of formatting issues.Attention, longtime fans of The Simpsons: There's finally a way to stream the show's first 30 seasons online, and you don't even have to spend any "d'oh." (Sorry.

Amazon's new Echo Show 8 is finally on sale, and so are 5 other smart displays

TL;DR: There are half a dozen smart displays on sale across Walmart and Amazon right now, including the all-new Echo Show 8, the Google Nest Hub, and the first-generation Facebook Portal.The battle for the smart home is heating up as Amazon, Google,

RainDance Technologies Closes On $16.5M More For Liquid Biopsy Tech

The life sciences technology development company RainDance Technologies has raised $16.5 million from new investors GE Ventures and Northgate Capital as it looks to make its liquid biopsy technology available commercially. To date,



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繼之前的?最美麗大螢幕手機 Samsung GALAXY S6 Edge+ 銀色機超高高品質分享照?開箱分享之後,在十月終於 Note 5 也推出了鈦銀色版本,阿輝也入手和大家分享照片。閱讀全文

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