Netflix no longer reveals your embarrassing viewing habits to Facebook friends

A change to its recommendations feature means that users can choose to send notifications to friends when they have watched a show that may interest them instead of automatically informing everyone.Read more: http://www.itproportal.

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Netflix no longer reveals your embarrassing viewing habits to Facebook friends

A change to its recommendations feature means that users can choose to send notifications to friends when they have watched a show that may interest them instead of automatically informing everyone.Read more: http://www.itproportal.

Netflix Taps Facebook To Let You Privately Recommend Content To Friends

Netflix has just launched a new social recommendation feature that lets you suggest content to friends without posting publicly to social media. After connecting your Netflix and Facebook accounts, Netflix will now ask users a question each time they finish watching a movie or TV show:

Twitch Resets All User Passwords After Suffering Data Breach

Twitch, the immensely popular livestreaming service for gamers that was acquired last year by Amazon in a nearly $1 billion deal, confirmed today that it has suffered a security breach that may have resulted in unauthorized access to a number of user accounts.

Netflix uses 4G LTE to take the battle to YouTube in the mobile video stakes

Data from Citrix shows that mobile video accounts for over 50 per cent of the total mobile data volume and that long-form video offered by the likes of Netflix is starting to catch-up on YouTube.Read more: http://www.itproportal.

Consumers Spend 85% Of Time On Smartphones In Apps, But Only 5 Apps See Heavy Use

New research on mobile behavior released today points to?the growing struggle that?app businesses face in?establishing themselves as a must-have download on users’ smartphones. Today’s consumers are spending over 85 percent of their time on their smartphones using native applications,

I Want My Internet TV

Well, it’s happened. Sarah Palin has her own internet channel, free from the “lamestream media.” Palin seems to be just one more personality joining what seems to be a larger trend in our society. We’re moving on from television to watching content via the internet.

The Diary Of A Cord Cutter In 2015

I know I’m late to the party by some accounts. Early adopters cut the cord years ago and haven’t looked back. For me, turning off cable TV was an idea I flirted with, yet I just kept renewing my package deal for some reason.

The Evolving Landscape Of Recommendation Systems

Everyday decisions, from which products to buy, movies to watch and restaurants to try, are more and more being put in the hands of a new source: recommendation systems. Recommendation systems are changing the very ways we make up our minds,

Image Is Everything: Snapchat Tops WhatsApp As Biggest U.S. Messaging App

Snapchat may be?getting a rap on the knuckles?right now from regulators over how it handles user privacy, but the ephemeral messaging app?is still a hot commodity. According to a?report?out today from network traffic specialist Sandvine,

Easily Measure The Profitability Of Your Consumer Subscription Business

We are currently witnessing a shift in business models, as many consumer tech companies move from transactional models in favor of subscription-based ones. YouTube is launching an ad-free, subscription-based service. Apple recently launched a streaming music service for $10/month.

Best video editing software of 2020

Helping you create amazing videos

Best online collaboration tools of 2020

Work is moving online, these tools will help your team collaborate.

Cybercriminals using commercial 'crypter' to smuggle malware into cloud storage

Encryption helps the group evade cloud-based security checks.

Microsoft warns over critical Windows DNS Server bug found to be 'wormable'

Administrators are urged to patch their systems as soon as possible to prevent network-wide compromise.

Almost all businesses agree attack volume and sophistication is on the rise

Businesses are complicating matters by adding more tools to their tech stack.

Hybrid cloud migration yielding near immediate ROI

Businesses with successful hybrid cloud migration can expect up to 145 percent ROI within three years.

The importance of a common framework for network visibility

To achieve the benefits of the cloud, a substantial re-architecture of applications is needed.

Today’s tech: UK man arrested for illegal streaming, General Motor's next-gen car safety tech, and G

The best of ITProPortal news including: The Mancunian arrested for running an illegal streaming site that allegedly cost the sports industry over £10 million in subscription fees.Read more: http://www.itproportal.

Charge your phone wherever you are with Native Union's KEY cable

The technology firm aims to provide a more convenient solution to a dwindling smartphone battery with its new USB charger that attaches to your key chain.Read more:

Google Android Wear takes the fight to Samsung Gear S with new Bluetooth features and GPS tracking

“Several” updates are the way this year that will allow the smartwatches to communicate with other Bluetooth accessories without the need for a smartphone to be present.Read more: http://www.itproportal.


中國新年過后是歐洲家居展春季展的一輪小高潮,Cologne 2014 (科隆家具展)、Maison & Objet 2014(巴黎時尚家居展) Stockholm 2014(斯德哥爾摩設計周)、Ambiente法蘭克福家居展春季展等等。

With $96.7M In Funding, Powa Technologies Debuts PowaTag For Mobile And Audio-Triggered Commerce

Powa Technologies, a UK-based e-commerce startup that has raised nearly $100 million in outside funding in the last seven months, is today finally taking the wraps off its flagship product: PowaTag, an e-commerce app that combines elements of mobile payments,

最常用的兩種C++序列化方案的使用心得(protobuf和boost serialization) - Alexia(minmin)


[轉]勒貝格積分的框架與通俗理解 - 親愛的扣扣


A cool image of the Moon orbiting Earth taken from outer space

I can't have enough of these shots of the Moon and the Earth taken by the Chang'e 5 spacecraft. Here's the opposite side of the amazing image of Earth taken outside lunar orbit. You can see Africa, the Arabian peninsula on the left and Australia entering the night on the right.Read more...

What Is the Craziest Black Friday Moment You've Ever Witnessed?

It all started innocently enough. I was just scrolling through my Twitter feed, minding my own business, and I saw it—the first story detailing a Black Friday deal. Cold sweats and anxiety set in immediately. My will is strong during the other 364 consumer-filled days of the year,

Windows 10 Build 10036提供下載 內建諸多新功能

之前我們報道的Windows 10 Build 10036,現在已經公布在互聯網上供人下載,我們在Windows 10 Build 10036當中發現諸多新功能和新變化。其中包括透明的開始菜單,新的P2P升級更新方式,改進的應用程序管理器和任務查看界面。

Picturerium虛擬水族箱 魚兒長啥樣你決定!


德州儀器DLP 3D打印創新技術研討會在深圳召開

與會專家同德州儀器技術專家討論DLP技術在3D打印中的創新應用 ? ? 深圳2015年7月30日電 /美通社/ -- 德州儀器(TI)(納斯達克代碼:TXN)于7月30日在深圳舉辦了TI DLP? 3D打印創新技術研討會。



? 云聚網互聯網資訊 我要投稿 云聚網博客 DeepHub IMBA

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