Angela Merkel attends tolerance rally as Germany's anti-Islam movement grows

Chancellor Angela Merkel, President Joachim Gauck and other German leaders made an appearance at a Berlin rally organized by Muslim groups Tuesday, in contrast with the growing tide of anti-Islamic sentiment in the country.

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Radioactive boars from Chernobyl are still wandering around Germany

Nearly 30 years later, radiation from Chernobyl still scars the landscape. Perhaps most remarkably, some of that radiation traveled hundreds of miles downwind, settled into the soil, and moved up through the food chain. So now we have radioactive wild boars,

The refugees who made it to Germany

Thousands of migrants and refugees from the Middle East and North Africa are pouring into Europe — some fleeing brutal wars, others running from poverty.?For many, the goal is Germany.The country said it will take in 800,000 asylum applicants this year, and refugees have been welcomed there,

Romania embarrassed about giving Germany a map of France with a German flag on it

The Romanian Foreign Ministry has fired its spokeswoman after Germany's foreign minister was handed a gift with a map of France instead of Germany.

UberX is temporarily banned across Germany, the New York Times reports.

UberX is temporarily banned across Germany, the New York Times reports. The company says it will keep running in the face of the ban.Read more...

Five Records Set in Germany's 7-1 Demolishing of Brazil

Germany's win over Brazil in the World Cup semifinal was one for the record books, which will now need to be reissued due to numerous new marks set by Germany ...and one by Brazil.Most goals scored by a player in World Cup historyWorld cup:

Germany Throws One Hell of a Party for World Cup Heroes

After beating Argentina 1-0 in the final World Cup match on Sunday, Germany returned home with the coveted gold trophy in handSee also: German Newspapers Had a Field Day With the World Cup WinAnd from the second the team's plane touched down, it has been one massive party.

Surface 3 LTE will launch in Germany and UK on July 3rd

Microsoft has?announced that an LTE variant of the Surface 3 will be available in the UK and Germany from July 3rd. Later, the tablet will also go on sale in Spain and France. Unlike the Surface 3,

Strange Crop Circles in Germany Draw Thousands

Thousands of people are journeying to a wheat field in Germany to see a giant set of mysterious crop circlesLocated on a Bavarian farmer's field, a balloonist first discovered the intricate design last week. It didn't take long for word to spread onlineSee also:

After chaos in Hungary, refugees rejoice in Germany, Austria

Thousands of refugees who had been stuck in Hungary for days entered Germany and Austria Saturday, with more expected to arrive SundayWhile images of migrants being met by riot police in Greece, Macedonia, Hungary and elsewhere have flooded airwaves and social media in recent weeks,

Protests against 'Islamization of Europe' grow in Germany

DRESDEN, Germany — Thousands gathered here on Monday to show their support for a growing movement against what they call the "Islamization of Europe."It was the 12th and largest march organized by a grassroots group that has been on the ascent since the fall,

Ultimate Ears turns the volume to 11 with massive Hyperboom speaker

Looking at Ultimate Ears' wireless speaker lineup, it was inevitable. First there was the Boom, then the Megaboom, followed by the Blast and Megablast (perhaps not exactly in that order, but you get the picture).?So now, the company took this idea a few notches further with its latest portable,

The best products for growing and maintaining a beard in the UK

Beards. Many of you will want one, but not all of you can have one.Follicularly-blessed friends are lucky — the presence of a good beard has the potential to add an air of brooding mystery to your aesthetic, making you all the more interesting compared to the others. So go ahead,

BTS and Jimmy Fallon playing party games is silly, chaotic fun

Monday's episode of the Tonight Show saw K-pop group BTS join Jimmy Fallon for a round of Subway Olympics, playing several games that probably won't appear in the real Olympics any time soon. These included Protect the Duck, in which players attempted to knock a rubber duck off each other's hand,

BTS took over Grand Central Station with Jimmy Fallon and it'll stop you in your tracks

Imagine being powerful enough to take over one of the busiest train stations in America, putting on a performance in a landmark that sees 750,000 passengers a day.Well, K-pop titans BTS stopped Grand Central Station in its tracks, with a performance in the Manhattan icon's main hall.

BTS finally explained 'the black bean noodle incident' to Jimmy Fallon

The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon solved a long-running K-pop mystery on Monday, finally revealing the details of BTS' Black Bean Noodle Incident.The boy group teased the tale last year when RM and Jimin brought it up during a livestream.

'If you use pundit math, he was actually losing': Seth Meyers mocks media panic at Sanders' populari

Bernie Sanders won the Nevada caucus over the weekend, securing his place as the current frontrunner for the Democratic nomination. However, while these results clearly indicate most of the population is behind Bernie,

Saying Bernie Sanders 'rejects' climate reality is profoundly foolish

So far in short-lived 2020, Antarctic scientists measured warm waters eating away at the planet's most threatening glacier, Earth experienced its warmest January in over 140 years of record-keeping, and the Australian Navy rescued 1,000 residents trapped by the nation's historic,

Taylor Swift wrote a check for $1989 to help a fan pay off student loans

Tumblr enthusiast Taylor Swift loves stalking people on the Internet and learning all about her fans from their social media account — and she isn't afraid to let the world know. After all, she even created her own hashtag for it, #Taylurking.

BlackBerry deleted a tweet that it accidentally sent from an iPhone

Someone on BlackBerry's social media team just made an embarrassing mistake.A tweet from the company's Twitter account on Tuesday included a small detail at the bottom of the screenshot, revealing it was sent via iPhone. Clearly, even some BlackBerry employees use Apple products.See also:

GoPro stock crashes after Apple granted patent for mounted cameras

Apple may have just shoved GoPro's stock off a cliffGoPro's stock fell 12% on Tuesday, following a report that Apple had been granted a patent for a mounted digital camera system similar to the devices that GoPro producesSee also: The top 27 GoPro videos of 2014Patently Apple reports that the U.S.

Hands On With Sony’s Multimedia-Loving 4K-Shooting Flagship Phone, The Xperia Z2

Sony's new flagship Android, the Xperia Z2, risks being overshadowed here at MWC by Samsung's latest electronic tub-thumper, the Galaxy S5. But not on the show floor at least -- where a phalanx of Z2 are massed in Sony's booth, ready for the masses to fondle. Read More



挖角豪雅銷售總監,蘋果希望 iWatch 如瑞士名表一樣被售出

從嘗試挖角瑞士手表企業高管到傳聞邀請科比測試 iWatch,蘋果這款萬眾矚目的設備越來越近了。

漢肯-塞繆爾森將在 Connected Car Expo 發表主題演講

-- 沃爾沃汽車集團總裁兼首席執行官漢肯-塞繆爾森將在洛杉磯車展 Connected Car Expo 發表主題演講 -- 沃爾沃加入奧迪、福特、捷豹路虎汽車和英偉達在11月18日技術專場媒體與貿易日制造新聞 洛杉磯2014年10月15日電 /美通社/ -- 汽車行業汽車和技術領導者權威盛會洛杉磯車展 (Los Angeles Auto Show) 的 Connected Car Expo? (CCE) 今天宣布,沃爾沃汽車集團 (Volvo Car Group) 總裁兼首席執行官漢肯-塞繆爾森 (Hakan Samuelsson) 將在11月18日的會議上擔任主題演講人。



This Eerie Chandelier Is Controlled By A Geiger Counter

Artist Phillip Stearns' A Chandelier For One of Many Possible Endings is a custom light fixture containing 92 elements, each connected to a Geiger counter and each representing an electron in a Uranium atom. They light up in response to radiation, creating a haunting pattern.Read more...

第六屆金鼠標.數字營銷全場大獎終極PK 完美收官

貼近分享 觸摸價值 北京2015年4月13日電 /美通社/ -- 2015年4月10日,第六屆金鼠標.

Take a Sightseeing Flight Over Mars's Atlantis Chaos

The Atlantis Chaos is a region on Mars splattered with small peaks and troughs, the result of erosion of a once-flat plateau. Thanks to the magic of technology (and NASA’s hard work), you can take a virtual flight over the area. Read more...


北京時間 9 月 10 日凌晨,蘋果公司在美國舊金山 Bill Graham Civic Auditorium 召開新品發布會,發布了一系列已經眾所周知的新產品:iPad Pro、新版 Apple TV 以及 iPhone 6s 和 iPhone 6s Plus。

Google executive avoided desktop computers for a year, lives to tell the tale

Amit Singhal, a top exec at Google, has access to vast amounts of capital, technology and influence, but there's one thing he rarely has access to any more: a desktop computerSinghal, who heads up search at Google, the company's crown jewel,

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