Jon Stewart's next step: Sizing up the possibilities

No, you're not the only one to make a NBC Nightly News with Jon Stewart joke following the news of the The Daily Show host's departure. SorryBut you were fair to do so,

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Watch Jon Stewart's very first episode of 'The Daily Show'

Jon Stewart is leaving The Daily Show at the end of the year, Comedy Central officially announced Tuesday.We know. We're not quite sure how to deal with this news either. Over the last 16 years The Daily Show has become an institution,

Life after 'The Daily Show': Jon Stewart grows a beard and becomes Farmer Jon

After 16 years of hosting The Daily Show, no one can blame Jon Stewart for disappearing to get some much needed R&R.The best way to do it?Being "surrounded by manure," according to StewartSee also: 'The Daily Show With Jon Stewart' goes out with a pair of Emmy winsStewart and his wife, Tracey,

Jon Stewart's 'Daily Show' departure is causing all the feels

Jon Stewart announced that he would be leaving The Daily Show later this year during a taping of today's show.In the 15 years Stewart has hosted the show, he has changed the landscape of political satire and helped launch the careers of some of today's most celebrated comediansSee also:

'The Daily Show': All its tributes to Jon Stewart, in one place

Hearts broke around the world when Jon Stewart announced earlier this year that he would be leaving his post at The Daily Show in August. His monumental 16-year tenure has been a game-changer for the face of political satire, so it's only fitting that the show pay tribute to its departing host...

Jon Stewart will return to 'The Daily Show' Monday night as a guest

Jon Stewart is coming home to The Daily Show, but this time, he's going to sit on the other side of the deskStewart is set to appear on Monday night's episode of The Daily Show with Trevor Noah, in a surprise move kept under wraps until after the show was tapedSee also:

Moments of zen: Classic Jon Stewart clips from 'The Daily Show'

Here is a hastily produced collection of some of Mashable's favorite clips from our favorite hastily produced news showThe first one to come to mind is also the most effectual. Following the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2011, Stewart offered a poignant account of the emotions of the day.

The GIF-volution of Jon Stewart on 'The Daily Show'

It's hard to remember what the news was like before Jon Stewart took over The Daily Show in 1999. Stewart spent 16 years providing much-needed comedic relief for media and current events.Now, after bashing everything from Fox News to foreign policy, Stewart is leaving The Daily Show,

How 'The Daily Show with Jon Stewart' conquered the social web

It's fitting that the news about Jon Stewart's retirement from The Daily Show broke online. After all, few television programs have had such a plugged-in audience or have become such a large part of web culture.The Daily Show with Jon Stewart debuted in January 1999 and as a result,

Jon Stewart staged a powerful 'Daily Show' return to support 9/11 first responders

Monday night marked the first ever The Daily Show with Trevor Noah with Jon Stewart.It was what host Noah admitted as a monumental moment, but Stewart did not find himself back at the iconic desk for just any reason — he was there so show his support for the Zadroga Act,

Jason Jones Takes 'Daily Show' Reigns After Jon Stewart Calls in Sick

The show must go on!Daily Show correspondent Jason Jones filled in for Jon Stewart on Tuesday night, quipping that his boss had some disease he couldn’t pronounce,

The best sports movies and TV shows to stream while there's no sports

Sports are on hold indefinitely, and while some sports channels are airing old games to fill the void, watching a football game from 2012 just doesn’t feel the same as tuning in to see your favorite team compete live.There’s no way to replace live sports. I’m sorry, you have to accept that.

'Paddington' is a truly comforting watch if you’ve ever moved cities

Welcome to Cozy Week, where we'll curl up by the glow of our screens to celebrate all that's soft in entertainment. Pour yourself a cup of hot cocoa and sit by us as we coo over the cutest games, cry over the tenderest movie moments, and drift off to the most comforting shows.

How to live with anxiety disorders — and not develop one — during coronavirus lockdown

It is indescribably strange to hear the mantra that usually spirals through your head during a panic attack become the title of a new government order.?But that's exactly what happened when Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti initiated "safer-at-home" on March 24,

This editing tool makes graphic design easier, and it's over 50% off

TL;DR: Get a one year subscription to the DesignCap basic plan for just $19.99, a 66% savings as of April 5.There's nothing like an extended period of being homebound to get your creative juices flowing. Maybe you've found yourself dabbling in forgotten creative projects.

Kitchen tools on sale to help you live out all your 'Chopped' fantasies

So you have a pantry of mismatched items that's somewhere between a doomsday prepper and an episode of Chopped. But if you don't have the right tools, the entire endeavor gets incredibly more complicated.?To make your cooking space more legitimate,

Recruiters say soft skills matter. This training will get yours up to speed.

TL;DR: Impress recruiters with your soft skills after learning from The Ultimate 2020 Soft Skills Career Hacker Bundle for just $39.99, a 99% savings as of April 5.Hard tech skills are impressive and all, but recruiters say that companies look for soft skills, too. In fact,

Learn how to build a nutrition plan, set workout goals with this course

TL;DR: Learn how to stay healthy and fit with the Build Your Custom Home Workout and Nutrition Plan bundle, a much needed online course that'll run you just $29.99 — a 98% savings as of April 5.It's more important than ever for people to stay home, stay active, and stay healthy.?Unfortunately,

Jon Stewart 'This show doesn’t deserve an even slightly restless host'

LOS ANGELES — Jon Stewart opened the Tuesday edition of The Daily Show like nothing was up, upbeat and in good spirits, while giving the studio audience a cryptic peek into the future:"Lots to talk about tonight.

Australia's oldest man likes to knit mini sweaters for injured penguins

Australia's oldest man has spent a lot of his days knitting sweaters for little penguins.

Less is more: Channel your inner minimalist for our photo challenge

For this week's Mashable Photo Challenge, cut out all distractions and channel your inner minimalistWith minimalism, it's more about deciding what to leave out of the frame than what to include in it. This means lines and patterns, geometric shapes, strong contrasts and lone subjects.

If Jawbone Were For Sale, Who Would Buy It?

Is Jawbone in play? That’s a question that has been bounced around the rumor mill lately, likely driven by a few other huge recent acquisitions in the hardware space. Over the last few days,

來看看蘋果為 Android 用戶專門準備的“換機向導說明”

(原文來自 The Verge,虎嗅編譯)蘋果 iOS 8 即將到來,還有針對大屏 Android 手機的新 iPhone 6,看起來蘋果公司預計會有許多人從 Samsung、HTC 換成 iPhone 手機。

How to Use Family Sharing in iOS 8

Until now, sharing photos, music, movies and other iTunes purchases with your family members was a huge headache. With iOS 8, Apple finally introduced a way to sync purchases without being forced to share your Apple ID and password information.









周三創見 | 微博的誕生,是一種歷史的開倒車

創見晚報 TECH2IPO Evening News 專欄 · COLUMN


上周末,美國《大眾科學》(Popular Science) 發布了一篇關于中國量子通信技術研究的報道,指出“中國即將啟動一個可將信息量子化并傳入太空的項目,該通信系統可能將無法被破解,在一定程度上使得中國的軍事網絡牢不可破,抵擋任何入侵企圖。”該文章提到了中國的量子科學實驗衛星項目 (QUESS),認為中國已經成為了全球量子通信技術的領先者。無法破解的量子密鑰量子通信技術很重要的一點,就是因為其加密技術從理論上講是無法被破解的。這里涉及到量子糾纏的概念,即一種將兩個或更多的粒子融合為互補的“量子態”的方法,在這種狀態中,沒有粒子可被獨立描述,而是在一個朦朧的共享量子態中“折疊”。


編者按:本文作者?Tomasz?Tunguz?是紅點投資公司(Redpoint Ventures)的合伙人。價格。世界上還有任何比 “價格” 一詞更具魔力的嗎?有比 “你是如何設定價格策略的?” 這個問題更能增強自信的嗎?很多時候,創業公司會重復競爭對手的價格策略或者對其進行調整。如果其他人都按座位收費,我們應該怎么做?這是正確的思維過程嗎?Madhavan Ramanujam 是一名定價專家。他是著名的西蒙顧和管理咨詢公司的合伙人,他曾說過創業公司應該選擇的定價策略只有三種:收入最大化策略、滲透定價策略和吸脂定價策略(高價定價策略)。

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